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Hiking in Quebec

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Are you a trill finder or relaxation expert? You will definitely have an unforgettable experience with a wide variety of outdoor activities and adventures.

Among the natural beauties of Canada, there are many lush parks and reserves.

For hiking lovers, the Quebec region offers kilometers of hiking trails that are open at all times throughout the year. Clear lakes all around, walks along rivers, forests rich in biodiversity. The ever-changing beauty of nature, the diversity of breathtaking viewpoints overlooking - Haven't you started backpacking yet?

In the urban Quebec region, adventure seekers or dreamers can visit marvelous waterfalls, some of which are taller than Niagara Falls. We are talking about the falls of parc de la chute Montmorency.

One of the most astonishing national parks, Jacques -Cartier, you can visit incredible glacial valleys or hike to the spectacular peaks of Sentier des caps, Charlevoix!

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What are the best outdoor adventures in Quebec?


National parks to discover

Quebec has 24 national parks located in different regions. It represents more than 6995 km2 of protected territories. Added to this are numerous federal parks and 180 regional and municipal parks.

Why visit Quebec?

Although the larger area of Quebec is bounded by the St. Lawrence River, its history and wonders are legendary. Witness to the first constitution of the territory by Europeans, recent Quebec could be listed as a UNESCO world heritage site.

Montmorency Falls in summer and winter, the Plains of Abraham, Île d'Orléans, Portneuf and Jacques-Cartier Park. The Quebec Carnival could be an unmissable event for families and lovers. Quebec City is full of four-season outdoor activities that our member outfitters can help you discover.

With around 7,000 campsites spread across the national parks. There are also wildlife reserves and a visitor center - Aventure Ecotourisme Québec.

Do any of these words resonate with you – adrenaline, stunts, elevation, thrills? So come take a great trip to Quebec!

How can I get more information?

To obtain more tourist information for visiting the province of Quebec, you can consult the tourist office website or call them.

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Let's answer your questions - FAQ

  • How to find free hiking in Quebec?

You can find this information in the hiking sheet, in the details section. It is also important to note that some places also have parking fees.

  • Find the best hiking guide in Quebec?

For the majority of trails, you can find all the trail information at reception. On the other hand, many trails do not have a reception, and in this case, it is always practical to have a trail guide or a map. In Quebec, we are lucky to have very comprehensive guides and maps, such as the book Hiking in Quebec by Ulysse.

  • Where can I hike with my dog in Quebec?

You can see the indication in the "preview" sections. It will be written: Dog allowed.

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  • Hiking in Quebec in winter