Hiking in United States

Let`s plan together your future adventure

Take every chance and go outside, especially when the weather is sunny, nice and welcoming. Find some time for outdoor activities which are in great variety in USA.

Visit USA is a dream for many people all around. Extremely beautiful Mountains, deep rivers, hidden trails and many many others are the attraction of every age.

Hiking is probably the most preferable activity among every age and experience.

You always have an option going out to the woods and find a hidden trail to hike or you can simply hike a small walking path in your city.

Discover some regions


Another one of the outdoor activity which allows you to be outside in nature is kayaking and canoeing. using a boat and paddles, let you work your way down a river. The great thing is you can normally go at your own pace and stop when you would like to explore the shores. You can take food and picnic on the bank. You can see all kinds of animals while going down the river and if you are a thrill seeker you can find rougher rivers that offer white water rapids which adds to the excitement.


Camping is an outdoor activity that can be combined with some others sports.

If you are really adventurous you can pack a backpack, while hiking, kayaking or canoeing and do day trip. Some experience with how to build a fire if you like to cook is required


There are different types of long board riding, but they are all a lot of fun. Some use a long board for transportation, but others choose to ride it for the thrill of it.

You can do downhill long board riding that is once you go down a hill and use your body to choose up speed. you are attempting to work out what proportion speed you'll develop as you slice the hills. Also, you'll do trick riding with long boards at a skate park for on the road.


Most preferable during the warm months and nothing is better than jumping down into cold deep lake, stream or river. Swimming pool are fine, but not very natural.

Swimming at a lake or river sometimes could be a big adventure.

One of the main reason why swimming is such a popular outdoor activity is it helps keep you cool in the warm months. Also, since you can’t do it all year, it makes it special.

Famous parts of swimming are water slides and diving.

Snowboarding and Skiing

At all, Skiing and snowboarding here is very different from Europe.

All of The resorts have boundaries which are marked with signs and ropes, going outside that boundary is forbidden, or restricted by access gates.

It is way more safety to play and follow the trails without guide or using any safety equipment.

It is a great outdoor activity for the winter for thrill seekers.

Snowboarding could be a challenging to learn, but with plenty of patients and practice, everyone can do it. For those with challenging spirit and desire for adventure this might be the right thing.

Of Course, very popular among snow sports is skiing.

Those who adore the icy winter and heavy snowfall, ski is the perfect getaway. USA in ranked as one of the best Ski Destinations taking under consideration accessibility, accommodations, acreage, annual snowfalls.

There are hundreds of resorts in US, like central Rockie States, North Western States. Award-wining park in Mammoth Mountain.

Scuba Diving / Snorkeling

Popular outdoor activities are scuba diving, snorkeling. Best place is the open ocean or off coast places. With these activities you can see an underwater world. A whole variety of fishes, corals and many sea animals.

Snorkeling is just wearing a mask and a mouth piece and place your face in the water to see what is under.

Scuba diving is more advance because you have an oxygen tank with your mask and are completely submerged, but still anyone can do it.

Some of the most amazing places for these sports are in Alaska, British Columbia, California, South Carolina, Hawaii and so on.

Find secret treasures in US outdoor activities - 6 amazing gems

Pismo Beach, California

Welcome to the Pismo Beach, where there are plenty of adventures and outdoor activities. Some examples for that statement are bicycling, golf, tennis, hiking, horseback riding, scuba diving. With miles of beautiful, long beaches, many coves and caves, waiting for adventurers to explore.

Pismo Pier is 12.200 foot pier- a popular spot for walking, fishing and sunset watching.

Fayetteville, West Virginia

One of the coolest small towns, located in West Virginia has a lot of visitors every year.

Famous here is the rafting season where the town is flooded with tourists because of the whitewater in the New River Gorge.

There are also many other ways to enjoy a vacation in here and explore the beauty of the region- hiking, tours, horseback riding but also visiting historical buildings.

Pikeville, Kentucky

Surrounded by acres of mountains, wild rivers, amazing parks is the Pikeville, a small town in Kentucky. The nature here is surrounded with history, which make the sense of terrain rich of beauty but also history. You can cross the area on bike or walking, also you can choose ATV, dirtbikes and UTV.

Estes Park, Colorado

Among the pine forests of Colorado Estes Valley an Estes Park is hidden. The place is gateway to the Rocky Mountain National Park which is 415 square miles’ area with varied terrains and it is a home to а rich concentration of wildlife. Also is famous with some of the best hiking in the United States.

In the town the mainly style of the buildings is Victorian.

Door County, Wisconsin

What is at any price are to exploring in United States is Door Country. Unlimited opportunities among the nature and for those who are seeking for adventures is the area.

Climb on the stunning lighthouses, or visit the Peninsula State Park for a walk or hiking.

The park offers for its visitor many bike trails and amazing trails with nature viewing.

Dunes Among Diversity

Do you want to visit the tallest dunes in North Amerika? Yes, so be prepared for a diverse landscape of aspen forests, alpine lakes, tundra areas, also grasslands, wetlands.

The preserve and the park are annually open, so visit and experience sand sledding, splashing, hiking in Medano Creek, wildlife watching and much more.