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Living in the Okanagan area and with so many activities to do around here, it can get a little overwhelming trying to choose the perfect activity for your family. It is nice to have a website like which has all of the fun activities in specific destinations all in one place. You just browse and decide with your family what you want to do and voila. It's been our favorite tool for picking out our activities at the most amazing destinations within our budget. We have been to some amazing skiing destinations thanks to this website. Thank you!

GABY LYNCH OSOYOOS is a goldmine! Their service surpassed all my expectations. The website is loaded with information and surprisingly easy to navigate. I can quickly search for my favorite activities. It's like a dream come true for me! I didn't need any convincing to sign up immediately. My only regret is not finding this sooner.


My husband and I love hiking. We like combining the healthy part of it with the beautiful views and that’s why we are always looking for new places to visit. Before deciding where we will go, we visit All we need is in one place – a huge list of hiking destinations to choose from, the weather as well as many interesting articles! We would highly recommend it to any hiking fan.


This is the MOST complete outdoor website ever done! Let’s Go Play Outside gives you the possibility to find an amazing amount of outdoor activities. It helped me find the BEST and closest places to practice my favorite activities.Simple, easy, accessible and completeThe BEST outdoor website I have ever seen.

Tom Armstrong

My girlfriend and I are fans of mountain biking and try to do it every weekend. is where we look for new and exciting places to go to. It has literally thousands of mountain biking routes on the list to choose from! It is our number one place online when it comes to mountain biking information. Thank you!

Corey O'donnell

While this is a thank you letter to you, I think you may owe my boss an apology. While I was doing some …research for work… I stumbled upon your site and the collection of videos. I was able to learn about some local national treasures from passionate enthusiastic people. I pitched my editor on an article about local trails and showed him the video—he loved it. That was until he asked me how much time I’d spent on your site.

Jason Mills

Hi guys, I am Alex. I am a really outdoorsy guy. I love to be out in the open, I really enjoy the sun and I feel right in the middle of nature, with trees and wilderness surrounding me, that’s where my home should be. I have always been this since I was a child. I used to go hiking with my dad. He passed away a few years back but the love of hiking that I have has remained. Every few months I take hiking trips over the weekend. It helps me get back in touch with myself plus it’s a great way to test myself and know that I am still great in shape. I usually go alone but I often join some trekking groups too. I keep searching for good places to go for trekking but they are very hard to find.Luckily I discovered Lets Go Play Outside a while back when I was searching for places to go for trekking and the site has blown my mind. It is a comprehensive list of all the major trekking sites that there are. It even has information about every one of them and most have them have images and reviews with them. Lets Go Play Outside has literally changed my life. I really appreciate.

Alex Gardiner

I believe I have one of the coolest girlfriends ever. She’s hot, she is so smart and the best thing about her is that she loves to ski, just like I do. We have been dating for over a year now and we both met each other over a skiing trip only. But I had no idea she lived near my apartment, just a few blocks down. We recognized each other from the trip and started talking and went on a date just that week.Things have been so good with her. We take a couple of ski trips every few months because she is into skiing just like I am. She has grown up skiing all her summer vacations as her aunt lived in the mountains. And me, I have spent all my life in the snow and only a few years back I moved somewhere else. We both love to ski together and keep searching for places that we can go to ski. And that is when I found out about Let's Go Play outside. It is a great website that lets you search about all the places that you can go for doing adventure activities and gives important information about those places with images as well. It has got a huge list of places and we both can select whichever we want to take the next trip to. I really love the site, Its awesome!

Carl Wilson

My friends and I climb a lot and we always had the same problem – we didn’t know where to go to climb and often times we're simply going to the same places over and over again. Since we’ve found that changed! Now each and every climbing trip is unique and different. It is not only the best website for climbing fans but also for anyone that is looking for a fun adventure outside!


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