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Hockley Valley hiking

York, Durham and Headwaters, Ontario, Canada

By lydia.crawford

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114 meters

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Why choose a trail at Hockley Valley?

Hockley Valley Provincial Park is located just outside of Orangeville, 45 minutes north of Toronto. Hockley Valley, which spans 375 hectares, is part of the Niagara Escarpment. This park is home to approximately 400 vascular plant species, many of which are uncommon. Some examples include the cuckoo flower, sand violet, and butternut tree. Some endangered species live in Hockley Valley, including the northern long-eared bat, northern brook lamprey, and Jefferson salamander. There are no tourist facilities; however, Hockley Valley offers excellent hiking and wildlife observation options. The Bruce Trail, as well as several subsidiary routes, snake their way through the reserve.

Those trails provide hikers with a variety of hills for a decent workout, large pathways to stretch out on, unique views, and beautiful wildflowers in the summer. Hiking here in the fall is, of course, the ideal way to see the fall colors! Overall, this is a beautiful place with beautiful trees and streams.

Niagara Parks system

The Niagara Parks system is a self-funded organization of the Ministry of Heritage, Sport, Tourism, and Culture Industries of Ontario. From the breathtaking Niagara Falls to theatres and festivals, the Niagara Region has an unrivaled range of sights and sounds.

Niagara Parks owns and operates all of the Niagara Parks attractions, such as Journey behind the Falls and the Whirlpool Aero Car, as well as the stunning gardens such as Oakes Garden Theatre.

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Hockley Valley Provincial Nature Reserve
(705) 435-2498
Laurel, ON L0N 1L0, Canada

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Profile photo of Wayne Karim
Wayne Karim

5 out of 5 stars

Beautiful place! Less then 1hr 1/2 from Grimsby . Gorgeous trails, scenic in the fall, makes for a great day trip spot for a walk.

Profile photo of Paul Williamson
Paul Williamson

5 out of 5 stars

One of the more beautiful areas to hike within an hour drive of Toronto. The terrain can be challenging too.

Profile photo of Robby Janda
Robby Janda

5 out of 5 stars

Amazing hike... It's quite hilly so be prepared for lots of ups and downs

Profile photo of Amy Sheetz
Amy Sheetz

5 out of 5 stars

Really pretty place for a day hike. It's quite a hilly region, so the hike turned out to be a pretty good cardio workout.

Starting Point

Hockley Valley Provincial Park has three loop trails and other hiking paths. You may pick how many loop paths to hike depending on your endurance and how long you want to go. Hockley Valley has several hills, and I'd classify this one as a moderate trek. If you're a first-time hiker, don't be discouraged. Just be aware that you'll be rising and descending often, making it more strenuous than a flat trek.

The Bruce Trail was followed for the first half of the trek. The walk runs across an open meadow and past a forestry effort on its approach to the nature reserve's northern entrance. When you reach the nature reserve, the trail takes you through a deep forest before opening up onto a meadow. They detoured at the Cam Snell Side Trail (2.2km), which runs through more open fields and meadows, as well as around two ponds, before returning to the woods. The Glen Cross Side Route (1.9km) connects with the Isabel East Side Trail to make a circle returning to the main trail. Although this portion had more undulating hills, it is undoubtedly the most gorgeous path in Hockley Valley. The trail descends the valley via a forested area and passes two tiny creeks. It also travels through another open area before returning to the main route through the wild land.

Why visit Hockley Valley

1.      Cannings Falls

Cannings Falls is located north of Orangeville, Ontario, near the head of Hockley Valley. This is one of the most untamed and pristine waterfalls on the Niagara Escarpment. It is also one of the toughest to explore, as there are no pathways, and the gorge is incredibly steep with tones of deadfall and lose rock.

2. Nottawasaga River

In Hockley Valley Provincial Park, near Orangeville, Ontario, Canada, the Nottawasaga River runs beside the Bruce Trail. Wasaga Beach, Ontario is well-known for its summertime activities such as boating, water skiing, jet skiing, wakeboarding, swimming, strolling, paintball, and breathtaking sunsets.

Things not to be missed

Hockley Valley Provincial Park (also known as Hockley Valley Provincial Nature Reserve) is a provincial park that is no longer in operation. That implies there are no facilities, activities, or camping available in the park. Everything is left to its own devices.

Our Favorites?

·         Camping

Conservation Area of Island Lake Explore 820 acres of lake, swamp, and woodland nestled in the headwaters of the Credit River near Orangeville. The Hockley Valley Provincial Park is nearby.


The bunkhouse is located north of the barn and overlooks Willow Creek. There is also a little swimming hole in the river. The bunkie is set between two hills, forming a natural tiny valley. They are close to the Hockley Valley Provincial Park and the Forks of the Credit Provincial Park.


Beeberry Cottage is a modest log home nestled in the woods of our 100-acre organic farm. Hiking paths, a pond, acres of vegetable gardens, and friendly animals await. Beattie Pinery Provincial Park and Hockley Valley Provincial Park are nearby.

Where to eat?

They are many best restaurants near Hockley Valley Provincial Park the some of them are these following:

1.      Cabin 1865

The trademark restaurant cabin at Hockley Valley Resort embodies the traditional cuisine of the Hills of Headwaters. The cabin culinary staff makes outstanding cuisine in an intimate, yet pleasant eating space by sourcing locally available items. They are located on Hockley Road, 3rd Line Ehs, 1.3 kilometers from Hockley Valley Provincial Nature Reserve.

2.      Forage Restaurant

Welcome back, Matthew Jamieson, proprietor of Woodside Restaurant in Orangeville and the surrounding region! If you're not sure who Matthew is, don't worry; go to Forage and sample Matthew's inventive cuisine and enticing flavors. They are 8 kilometers away from the Hockley Valley Provincial Nature Reserve.

3.      Bluebird Café

The Bluebird Café and Grill has a long history of employing only the highest quality, freshest ingredients. All of our goods are freshly cooked in-house. They are 8.8 kilometers away from Hockley Valley Provincial Nature Reserve.

4.      Mochaberry Coffee

Mochaberry is a great spot to greet community friends, family, and new friends. What began as a simple coffee shop has evolved into much more. They are located at 177 Broadway, which is 8.9 kilometers from Hockley Valley Provincial Nature Reserve.

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114.00 M

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Lydia Crawford, an extraordinary woman with an insatiable zest for life, has become an inspirational figure to many through her adventures and infectious good humor. Born and raised in a small town nestled in the mountains, Lydia developed a love for the outdoors at an early age. Her childhood was filled with hiking, camping, and exploring the wilderness, experiences that shaped her into the avid outdoorswoman she is today.

She life was a celebration of adventure, joy, and the great outdoors. She lived with a fierce determination to enjoy every moment and to share that joy with others. Her legacy is one of laughter, exploration, and an unwavering love for the natural world. Lydia's spirit continues to inspire those who knew her and those who discover her story, reminding us all to embrace life with open arms and a heart full of joy.

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